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Quarterly Pest
Management Plan


Our quarterly pest management plan is our most popular. A quarterly pest control plan will typically cover the majority of your pest control needs; a quarterly pest management plan treats your home every 3 months ( 4 times a year) and is ideal for vacation and/or full time homes. A quarterly service plan will take care of your average pest problems.

 Bi-monthly Pest
Management Plan


A bi-monthly pest management plan treats your home every other month, and would be ideal for individuals that do not want to spot any critters crawling in or around their home. A bi-monthly service plan will keep a protective barrier around your property at all times, decreasing your chances of pest problems.

 Monthly Pest
Management Plan


A monthly pest management plan would be ideal for those individuals who have or may have excessive problems. Residences located in dense wooded areas, in rugged terrain, or other areas where pest are more prevalent. Also, A monthly pest management plan may be good for some commercial businesses that need to remain pest free at all times.

 Exterior Only Pest
Management Plan


Stopping pest where they start—on the outside! Our exterior only plan is good for those who aren’t typically home during the day, yet want pest protection. Covered insects for the exterior only include: Ants, spiders, wood/oriental roaches, crickets, scorpions, mice and rats.


Single Treatments
and Services


We offer a wide variety of single pest control treatments as well as services for other pest too! Our pest control company strives to be your complete pest management solution, meeting all your pest control needs.

Other services are
available for:
Bed Bugs
And More!


Hopper Termite and Pest Management offers a variety of pest management plans to meet your needs.


Our pest control company doesn’t confine ourselves to “standard agreements”. We want to provide unique and customized pest control plans that best fit the needs of your home and business. We make every effort to rid your home of pest and rodents. We want you to feel safe, secure and comfortable in your home, without worrying about these invasive creatures.


We offer Year around protection that is customizable to your needs. Our pest management plans cover ants, crickets, mice, rats, scorpions, spiders, and silverfish. We want to make sure your mind is at ease, so if you have any problems there is no extra charge for controlling included pest.

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